• Greiner Packaging establishes Joint Venture with Indian Packaging Manufacturer

    Growth Market in Asia: Greiner Packaging establishes Joint Venture with Indian Packaging Manufacturer

    Greiner Packaging is continuing to broaden its international market position by expanding in India. This move will make Greiner Packaging India Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture with the New Delhi-based...

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  • Greiner Packaging: Experienced international manager to become the new CEO

    As of July 1, 2016, Manfred Stanek (47) will take over as head of the Greiner Group’s largest revenue generating company.

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  • Silicone injection molding: Everything from a single source

    Greiner Assistec is taking yet another step toward becoming a turnkey supplier with its expertise in liquid injection molding and the use of liquid silicone rubber. A separate Competence Center, which...

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  • Greiner Group | Headquater Kremsmünster

    Greiner Group continues its successful course

    Diversification, innovation and globalization remain the reasons behind the success of the Greiner Group. As expected, business performance has been positive in all sectors. Staff levels worldwide...

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About us

Greiner Assistec is one of three divisions of Greiner Packaging, a leading European company in the plastics processing industry. We offer our clients development, production, assembly, logistics, and service from a single source. We concentrate primarily on the areas of Office & Leisure, Home & Garden, Health & Personal Care, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, and Packaging & Logistics.

Greiner Assistec has five locations in Europe and one in North America. Though firmly embedded in the strong corporate association, Greiner Packaging, Greiner Assistec nevertheless has access to the production network of all Greiner Packaging locations. Our service portfolio is characterized by individual solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of our customers. This means that the focus of our daily activities is on customer orientation and service, thus guaranteeing our customers "their best sourcing solution".

Greiner Packaging Organigramm
Greiner Packaging

Greiner Packaging

Greiner Packaging is an active global player with 32 locations in 18 countries worldwide.  The company has been synonymous for more than 50 years with high solution competency when it comes to development, design, production, and decoration of plastic products.

The company meets market challenges with three divisions using a wide array of technology. Aside from Division Assistec, these are Divisions K and Kavo, which are primarily involved in plastic packaging.

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Greiner Packaging Pack
Division K

Division K

The Greiner Packaging Division K creates unique packaging advantages in the form of plastic cups and lids. Its diverse offering in the standard and premium range meets consumer needs as well as the demands of customers from the dairy industry and other food sectors. Greiner Packaging’s Division K is Europe’s leading supplier of dairy product packaging.

Division K cups
Division Kavo

Division Kavo

The Greiner Packaging Division Kavo creates unique packaging advantages in the form of plastic bottles and containers. Its specialization in customized product solutions allows it to serve the widest imaginable range of markets: foodstuff, healthcare, cosmetics, chemical industry, and custom solutions. It has a wide range of production and decoration technologies to draw on to meet these needs.

Division Kavo Products
Transitions to the future
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Greiner: A global family enterprise

Greiner Packaging, the plastic packaging manufacturer, is one of five branches of the Greiner Group, and as such, can draw on a stable structural and financial network. Greiner was founded in 1868 in Germany and in 1899 in Austria, and has been 100% family owned since its founding. Its continuous growth is based on a factor which makes the company stand out: diversification of products and markets. 

The Greiner Group operates more than 133 locations (production and distribution centers). It combines five operative branches (Greiner Packaging, Greiner Bio-One International, Greiner Foam International, Greiner Perfoam, and Greiner Tool.Tec) under one roof.

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Greiner Packaging International occupies the position of the parent company within the corporate organization, directly holding the production-based affiliates. This simple and transparent corporate structure creates a strong foundation for long-term success.

Our Values
Customer Orientation. Solution Orientation. Trust.

Our Vision
Greiner Assistec is the leading sourcing partner for the international plastics using industry.